4 Nov 2009

Thought of the day

Some comments I hear... frankly, to me they just sound like the equivalent of Hitler making a character judgement on Anne Frank.


OBloodyHell said...

Does this have a particular target, or is it just a generalization?

Further, there's the other issue in that "Hitler making a judgement on Anne Frank" is essentially an ad hominem assessment against the observation(s), whatever they are, and avoids dealing with the subject matter of the comments being made in favor of attacking the source.

In other words, your reasoning, in the general sense, is highly specious.

That's not to say it can never be applicable -- at the worst, hypocrisy could be evident -- but even hypocrisy doesn't change the message.

If I'm on death row for murder, and I speak out against murder, does that make me wrong in the content of my speech?


Joao Pereira said...

This is just a generalization. Not related in any way to comments in my blog.