20 Dec 2009


I went to see this movie last Friday. Despite all the hype, I didn't have great expectations, because I've read in the internet that the plot was nothing special. Anyway I was curious about the 3D aspect of it. So curious that I bought a ticket for a 2D session, by mistake, and then exchanged it for a 3D session (with an extra cost of 2€), which started only two hours later.

What I like in the sci-fi genre is the possibility of using different worlds and futuristic technology to explore certian metaphysical concepts. For me the driver is the plot. This is not one of those films (for those interested, see Moon, the first film by Duncan Jones). Avatar is an adventure movie that happens to take place in the future and in another planet.

The plot is straightforward. Humans want to explore a very valuable mineral that exists in the planet Pandora. The problem is that the greatest concentration of the mineral is right underneath one of the places where the Na'vi live. The company that wants the mineral has a cientific side project (the Avatar) in which humans link to a Na'vi lab created body. The goal is to gain the Na'vi's trust and convince them to move. A strategy that has been unsucessfully. Then a crippled marine enters the programme and...

As I said before, the plot is not complex, it is essentially a love story, that makes the main male character to question his loyalty. It is impossible not to like the Na'vi, and the way they live in perfect harmony with their planet. The planet Pandora has a Gaia concept and the way it was designed delivers the most spectacular landscapes I've seen.

Bottom line, I really enjoyed it.

Now, about the 3D. I guess that the best thing I can say is that after a while I forgot I was wearing glasses. However, for countries where foreign language movies have lettering, it looks like the lettering is very close to one's eyes. If we focus on it, we will not see the film very well. It is the same kind of difficulty you have when you get one of those front row seats.

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